what is catpowered.net

back in 2019, i decided having my own website would be pretty neat, and catpowered.net seemed like a cool domain name to have, so i went with that (shoutout to my cat)
it started off just as an easy way for me to link people i met online to my discord server and teach myself (extremely basic) css and html
since then, it's evolved into a name i use for a bunch of services and groups just cause it kinda stuck well
i've been able to use it as an excuse to learn about cloudflare, page optimisation and server management, since i host everything myself too


am i allowed to join your minecraft server?

yes, please do! i intend to keep it hosted for many years to come, and it would be cool to have a bunch of stuff to look around on it :)

what's the video downloader?

i can't take any of the credit for making it, i'm just hosting an instance of cobalt, made by wukko, to share with my friends, and to take some of the strain off of wukko's server

what other services are you hosting?

i'm hosting my personal mail server, a plex server, discord bots for anyone who asks, and the community minecraft server